Hite Brothers is a Nashville-based digital media agency, providing web design and development for small businesses and organizations across the country. Our goal is simple, we want to empower small business owners like yourself with the tools they need to take their business to the next level. in all types of fields (i.e. brick and mortar stores, restaurants, e-commerce stores, contractors, real estate, entertainment, etc.) to make their brand stand out from the crowd. Both of us brothers (Curtis and Bradley Hite) have been designing and developing websites for over 12 years, we have always done our best to stay up to date on all the latest web design trends and development software to give our clients the very best results.

If you are looking for a digital media agency to make your business as good as your competition, then I'm sorry to disappoint you but we only create spectacular content for exceptional businesses that want to do better than just get by, we work with companies that like to kick some serious butt.

Webflow is the most advanced tool for the web, allowing developers to build a completely custom website U.I. from the ground up while delivering clean code for faster load times and fewer bugs. Our prices start at $1,500 for a basic 3-page service website, with options for additional pages and for e-commerce functionality. A hosting and maintenance fee of $150 or 10% of the original development cost will be billed monthly.

So if you are an exceptional, butt-kicking entrepreneur looking to put your stamp on the universe, then let's work together to make something extraordinary — as long as it doesn't require the universe collapsing in on itself (fingers crossed).

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(629) 777-5810


(629) 777-5810